Local Project Management
for over 60 years

Are you considering an update to your process? Or improving your production? Or winning a new contract?

How does a dedicated UK team of world-class engineers, applications engineers, service & support, and project management sound? Guiding your success and working on your behalf from the first test cut through to production and beyond?

At Kingsbury, we’ve been working with the very best in German manufacturing since 1956. Supplying the UK with the most comprehensive range of machines available at the same price as purchasing direct. The only difference being we manage everything locally.

Because for us, it’s simple, Large Prismatic Machines need local project management.

How can you ensure your installation runs as smoothly as possible if your only UK contact is a single area sales agent?

Who will be there to help with a problem if your entire support network is somewhere on the continent – or worse – halfway around the world?

It is as apparent to us now as it was in the 50s. Your support infrastructure, technical expertise, servicing, and training are better when local to you. When engineers are within a few hours drive. When spares take days, not weeks, to arrive. And when training is given by someone who understands you.

This is the difference Kingsbury brings. We are always here, whenever and wherever you need us. Delivering local project management from the LPM elite.

Magellan and Zimmerman create Airbus Front Spar

Aerospace manufacturing is reaching new heights with Zimmerman milling solutions.

This Zimmermann FZ42-100 DUO machine, installed at Magellan Aerospace, is manufacturing wing spar components for single-aisle Airbus planes. By machining two components in perfect harmony, the machine effectively doubles output.

View the FZ42-100

Prior to being involved with Kingsbury I spoke to a few of my contacts in the Aerospace Industry and all of the replies were the same – “world class service provider”. Straight away I thought, surely they can’t be that good?

I was very fortunate to be involved in dealing with Kingsbury from a machine concept stage, to factory acceptance, and then in-life service provider. In the concept stage, prior to buying, they were instrumental in coming up with ideas on performance and configuration of the machine from their wider industry experience.

Once the machine had been ordered, the Project Management side of the business really was world class. It was a side I hadn’t really put much thought into but the way they scoped out all the steps from site visits, to the machine supplier FAT, all the way through to foundations and installation into our factory was seamless. Anytime I had a query or issue all relevant parties would attend and the actions were documented to completion or solution.

After the SAT in our factory we had one or two teething problems with the machine and again, the expertise of the service engineers was exceptional. I think the fact that Kingsbury’s service engineers were on site with the machine supplier at the time of installation gave them invaluable exposure to the new product but more importantly built relationships between customer and machine supplier.

Finally, the company is family owned and I was fortunate to have contact with Richard Kingsbury who was always so professional and knowledgable about both the asset and its application.

So to sum up … Great Company … Great People … Great Service … Great Ethics … World class machine tool provider and service provider.

— John McGrail

Why choose local?

There are some clear benefits to choosing a UK-based LPM partner. Time, cost efficiency, and better communication are the obvious ones. Although, selecting Kingsbury could offer you far better value and greater reassurance. So that when your LPM is finally ready to start production, both your infrastructure and team are too.

Shared responsibility

Most LPM suppliers ask for a large deposit and interim payments leading to 90% of the purchase price before delivery. For us, this feels particularly unfair as you won’t see any progress for months. Instead, we purchase the machine on your behalf, to show our commitment and further safeguard your investment.

Flexible payment plans

As we share accountability for the initial LPM investment, your payment plan can be flexible. Allowing you to spread the cost over a more manageable timeframe, with clearly designated milestones along your project’s  progress.

Operational & technical setup

Unlike most international LPM suppliers, we also plan and manage your site. Auditing the installation and minimising disruption whilst ensuring compliance with Health & Safety policies. Ensuring your premises has all the technical and practical capabilities to run an LPM efficiently.

Team training

After spending months planning and preparing for your LPM purchase, it is essential to make sure your operatives can use it. This is why training begins before the machine arrives. So that when installed, there are no delays in production, and your investment can start paying for itself.

You are at the centre of everything we do

We may work with machines but at Kingsbury our approach is personal.

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